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Immediately update 8 locations of virtual living in Da Nang

Thứ ba,19/02/2019

For those who live "virtual", Danang is definitely an extremely attractive destination for you. Unique construction works and numerous landscapes contribute to an attractive tourist city.

The first place is Ba Na Hills, this is the most romantic and unique virtual living place. Sit Asia's longest cable car to the top of Bà Nà, visit the European architecture and enjoy the 4-season atmosphere. French architectural spaces, Le Jardin D'Amour flower garden, Fantasy Park theme park, debay cellar, wax museum, secret garden, .... are the places where you can give birth to these paintings. "to life" picture!

Love pier is also a place that you can not ignore when coming to Da Nang. Like Paris City, South Namsan Tower, ... the love pier brings an extremely romantic space for couples.

A wedding photography venue is indispensable in shooting packages, it is the East Sea park. The most impressive point of this park is that there are thousands of flying doves. In the early morning or late afternoon, when the pigeon gathers the most, it is also time to take super beautiful pictures.

As a wall separating Da Nang and Thua Thien Hue, the Hai Van Pass - Bach Ma Range winds around like a silk strip across the sky. Discover this adventurous street of adventure, you will admire the panoramic view of Da Nang city from the distance, the cloudy sky and ancient Hai Van Quan. Make a cool pose to save the photos for your life!

Arriving in Da Nang without visiting Ngu Hanh Son scenic area is a huge omission. Ngu Hanh Son is a gift that natural mother gives to beautiful Danang city. The places suggested to you when you come here are m Phu, Dong Van Thong, Tam Thai, Huyen Khong, .......

Son Tra Peninsula is likened to the green lung of Danang City. The ecosystem in the peninsula is extremely rich with over 1000 types of animals and precious plants. There are many attractive virtual living places such as multi-thousand-year trees, Indochinese god eyes, Tien Sa port, Da Den beach, Linh Ung pagoda, Ban Co peak, .....


Thuan Phuoc Field is a famous cinema and picnic area in Da Nang. The film set here is designed in European style with windmills, antique cars and white paint fences, dry grass fields, .....

Upside Down World Da Nang - The reverse house is an endless virtual living place for young people. The reverse house is open to visitors from 2018. The reversal of everything in each design space will make you feel lost in the magic world.

The Children's Cultural Palace in Danang is a unique design with colorful walls, vivid colors inspired by the Korean Tangram puzzle. If you take a hard look, this place will give you more "virtual" pictures!

Above are 8 places to live virtual nature in Da Nang, take your backpack and go to this beautiful city right away!

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