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The biggest Tulip festival in Vietnam at Ba Na Hills from 14-23 March

Thứ ba,19/02/2019

What's interesting about coming to Da Nang on March? In addition to experiencing the best services, you can also participate in the biggest Tulip festival in Vietnam held in Ba Na Hills from 14/2 -31/3/2019

Flower festival in Ba Na Hills this year with the theme "Colorful land of flowers". Sun World Ba Na Hills will turn into a "miniature Netherlands" with the appearance of millions of blooming tulips. Along with that are many miniatures bearing the Dutch traditional mark and extremely special art performances.

The symbolic flower of the Netherlands symbolizes prosperity, love and eternal life because of spring bloom. This year, Ba Na Hills selected tulips as the main character. It can be said that this is the biggest tulip festival in Vietnam ever.

Come to this year's flower festival, you will admire more than 15 famous tulips in the world. In particular, there are the first dual flower varieties appeared in Vietnam such as Flash point, Green Dance, Indiana, Purple Valley, Negrita, ... Flower varieties are directly imported in the Netherlands and planted, Take care in Da Nang for flowers to grow well.

One particular thing is that there are many tulip seedlings planted and developed right in the second Ba Na-Da Lat in Vietnam. Dual flower varieties are unique in Ba Na such as: Strong Gold, Spryng Break, Alibi, Yellow Flight, White Liberstar ...

Ba Na Hills in the festival season flowers like wearing a colorful shirt from millions of tulip flowers. The carpet of tulips with bright red, pure white, gentle pink and romantic purple will bring tourists into the "dreamy paradise".

The vibrant Le Jardin D’amour love garden is now brighter with endless flower patches. Uyen Uong Garden will bring you to the Wonderland, Mo Mo Garden is also decorated with 9 steps with 9 tulip mats. These tulips are also a beautiful story about couple love, family happiness, ...

In the colorful space of millions of tulip flowers, you will also experience the jubilant festival space with the exciting Carnival program. European artists will wear colorful flower petals, telling you about the story of this flower. Unique programs will be rigged …… to satisfy visitors about both the listening and the look. This unique flower festival in Vietnam is also the way that visitors welcome spring impression and happiness.

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