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Visit Da Nang - do not forget to explore My Khe beach

Thứ ba,19/02/2019


My Khe Beach is a gift that nature bestows on the beautiful city of Da Nang. In 2012, America's leading economic magazine Forbes voted My Khe Danang beach as one of the six most charming beaches on the planet.

The reasons why My Khe beach was voted by Forbes is one of the most charming beaches on the planet: convenient transportation, free opening for all visitors, with long and flat sandy beaches, level The wave is suitable for playing many sports, ensuring safety for tourists, luxury resorts, villas meeting international standards.
Many famous tourist hotels and sites in the world also commented that My Khe beach is one of the few favorite beaches in Asia. In addition, Da Nang is also the gathering place of many beautiful and famous beaches such as Nam O, Tien Sa, Non Nuoc, Xuan Thieu beaches, etc. The beach is about 900m long and is a familiar place of people in the city as well as tourists from many places poured in.

My Khe Beach has smooth white sandy beaches, warm water all year round, poetic coconut trees, mild sea waves, etc. To Da Nang, visitors can swim all year round but the most suitable time is in the season. summer. The most appropriate time to participate in beach activities is from May to August of the calendar. Comfortable beach will make visitors feel comfortable just bathing and admiring Son Tra peninsula, scenic area of ​​Ngu Hanh Son, .....

With about 60% salinity and no pollution, My Khe beach is one of the safest beaches in Vietnam. My Khe Beach has many types of corals, rich sources of plants and animals on the shore and under the sea. The types of algae found in this sea area such as only yellow seaweed and seaweed ducklings also have high export value.
My Khe beach is quite developed with various types of services which are quite effective such as fishing, windsurfing, diving and yacht. The beach has a full rescue system including life buoys, flags signaling whirlpools, guard stations and rescuers are ready to respond when there are victims.

In the afternoon, when the sunset falls, My Khe beach is like wearing a deep and romantic purple shirt. The space of silence makes the hearts of people feel calm and unbelievably peaceful. In the summer, the coastal hotels and sea view are the most perfect choice for travelers. To book a good price hotel and many quality services, please contact the hotline: 0236 3955 123.

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